Why Does My New Game Run So Slowly?

When developers create new games, all of the coding is done on PCs, but the results are programmed to perform best on video games consoles, like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That’s because these are fixed units, all with the same hardware, so they are ideal for a developer to create the ‘perfect’ experience on.

When it comes to the PC version of the game, there are millions of combinations of home computing hardware, with every model of computer having different processors, graphics cards, amount of memory, audio systems and hard drive sizes and types. That’s why PC games often have a minimum, desired and ideal specification in the game instructions. Even those won’t help some of the latest games.

That game is just the latest in a long list that have run poorly on release on PC. That’s despite the graphics card makers tweaking their driver software to work specifically with the game, and many players having very high specification computers. Given time, and a few big patches, the performance issues can usually be resolved. So, our main piece of advice is never to buy a big name PC game on launch day, as they often will ship with problems, bugs and issues.

In an ideal world, the developers and publishers would delay the release until everything is fixed, but with the high pressure schedule of console games, the PC edition has to launch alongside those versions to benefit from coverage, reviews and advertising. While you wait for the game’s issues to be solved, you can check to see if the graphics card drivers have been updated, as these are often released faster than the game patches.

You can also try turning down the game’s graphics settings to a lower resolution, and turning off some of the special effects to try and find a playable balance. Upgrading to Windows 10, which comes with DirectX 12 will also be a good move, as Microsoft’s new graphics system drivers are optimised and will improve the performance of many games, new and old.

Finally, if you really want to play the latest games, a PC upgrade could be in order. We can help you upgrade your processor, graphics card, motherboard or whole system to give you a desktop computer capable of playing any game. We can also perform computer repairs to get dead systems back up and running – and to optimise them without the need for hardware upgrades.