Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Whether you run a small business or use a PC for home computing, you may notice that your computer has become slow and bogged-down with the increased demands of modern, connected life. Your local computer repair centre can help improve performance through some simple tests and upgrades.

If you’ve used a PC for many years, you’ll remember features or tools like drive defragmenting, memory cleaners and so on, which were once part of a good system clean, manually initiated by the user. The good news is that recent Windows operating systems take care of all this in the background, so there’s no need to worry about them. Instead, today’s equivalent maintenance tasks focus on cleaning out old rubbish, which the system doesn’t do automatically in case it deletes something useful. Cleaning out the Recycle Bin, your web browser’s cache and Windows’ temporary files can help get rid of lots of junk and save the system having to look after it.

If you bought a cheaper system, it will have come with the least amount of memory and disk space the maker could get away with. When the memory or drive is full, performance can be badly affected. Desktops, notebooks – even the slim impenetrable looking models, can be upgraded with a larger hard disk and more RAM. Your computer repair specialist can backup and copy over all your files, so the system will be just like when you left it, only faster and better at handling multiple tasks. Getting a modern SSD drive will speed up your computer and make it run with less noise, as there are no whirring components, for an additional benefit.

If you don’t have the budget for a new drive or RAM, a final simple solution is to engage ReadyBoost, part of the OS on Windows 7 or Windows 8 machines. Buy a cheap 8Gb or higher USB memory stick and you can use it to increase your computer’s available memory. It isn’t quite as fast as system RAM, but works as a cheap alternative and an instant upgrade that you can do yourself. All of these solutions will help, but for a new PC feel, you could also reinstall the operating system and your applications which will thoroughly clean the system for you.