How to Remove a PC virus or Malware

One of the most common requests for home computer help or repair comes when a user picks up some unwanted software on their computer. This can be adware (annoying but not usually dangerous) that pops annoying adverts up on your desktop, or a virus or malware. These are much more dangerous and can lead to your personal data being stolen, your PC being digitally hijacked and used for criminal purposes, or may cause other problems. Even with the latest browsers protecting users from malicious websites, and firewalls and antivirus software keeping out rogue software, an attack can still happen.

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Keep your PC Cool and Quiet

A constantly whirring fan on your home computer is never attractive. In most desktops or laptops, it is a sign that your computer has got too much dust in the vents or on the fan itself, or that the cooler is starting to come away from your CPU, potentially causing overheating issues.

That can result in the system slowing the PC down to keep it cool, or the whole computer shutting down to prevent damage. Modern PCs all use thermal protection systems to look after the key components, so it is incredibly hard to actually fry a modern computer.

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