An Introduction to Cloud Computing

Whether you work in an IT-intensive industry or simply take a personal interest in the world of computer technology, you’ve probably heard the term “cloud computing”. However, you may not be sure what this really means. Simply put, cloud computing allows you to store your data on online servers that are independent of the hardware you keep at home or at work. It also allows you to access software through the Internet without installing it on your own computers. But is cloud computing right for you?

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How to Reformat Your Windows 8 System

Do you find that your Windows 8 system is sluggish or, worse still, regularly freezes while you’re working? You might wish to try a clean installation of the Windows 8 software.

The terminology of ‘reformatting’ your Windows system is not technically accurate anymore. Given that Windows 8 typically runs on all types of computers using modern day hardware, users no longer need to ‘format’ their system, but simply reset the computer itself.

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Alternatives to Windows and OSX

If you’re not a fan of Windows 10 or Apple Mac’s OSX, there’s no reason to suffer in silence! Many computer users don’t realise that there are a huge number of alternative operating systems available that can improve their home computing experience. Luckily, we at PC Callout have compiled a list of some of our favourites, so that you can find the OS that’s right for you.

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