Sophisticated Malware Can Steal Your Personal Data

When the phone rang one afternoon in February, Steve – a 39 year-old copywriter from Worcestershire – was mildly irritated to be interrupted by yet another overseas sales call. The distant voice at the other end of the phone line, however, identified itself as calling from the NatWest fraud department. The bank, it reported, had been contacted by the police to say that an attempt had been made to use Steve’s debit card in the United States, at a hotel bar late one evening. Given that the card had never been used before outside England, the transaction had been automatically declined.

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My Hard Disk Drive Never Stops Running

Even on a modern, super-fast computer, the demands of Windows can put a lot of stress on a computer’s hard disk drive, slowing down performance. Most computers have a hard drive activity light located somewhere on the case front, and if that’s always lit up, it is a good indication that your hard drive is doing too much of the work, making your programs and the system wait for it and preventing you from using the computer at its full power.

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Keep Your PC Cool and Quiet

A constantly whirring fan on your home computer is never attractive. In most desktops or laptops, it is a sign that your computer has got too much dust in the vents or on the fan itself, or that the cooler is starting to come away from your CPU, potentially causing overheating issues.

Those problems can result in the system slowing the PC down to keep it cool, or the whole computer shutting down to prevent damage. Modern PCs all use thermal protection systems to look after the key components, so it is incredibly hard to actually fry a modern computer.

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Windows 10 – Wi-Fi Features

Windows 10 has just been launched, and it comes with plenty of new features. However, some of the new Wi-Fi features might cause a little concern to the less technically-minded home computer user.

Windows 10 ships with a number of new features offering Wi-Fi services or sharing. The first is Microsoft Wi-Fi, which allows PC users to connect to and access paid-for Wi-Fi hotspots when out and about. Users can pay for access quickly and easily by using their Windows account. This is an update to the company’s previous Skype Wi-Fi services, but will be integral to Windows 10, making it universally available.

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