Simple Fixes For Common PC Problems

You don’t always have to call in the special forces for a minor problem. There are a number of things you can do to fix what might be heart-stopping PC problems, so don’t panic when things start to go wrong.

Of course, none of us like seeing the Blue Screen of Death, which sounds far more ominous than it really is – it’s just an error message, after all. It also can be a major headache when a program we need right now keeps crashing, just as a deadline is approaching. Keep calm, though, and you’ll be able to fix most minor home computing problems yourself.

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The Advantages of an SSD Drive

We get many upgrade requests from our customers, but one of the more common in recent years is to upgrade their hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) model. The benefits of these new generation of drives include silent operation, as the SSD drive is just a collection of memory chips with no moving parts. That also means it is more resilient to knocks and bumps than traditional hard disk drives (HDD), which use moving heads and spinning platters – not a great combination in a portable notebook, prone to being banged around.

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How to Make Your PC Run Faster

Many users are happy with their home computing experience, until they read an article about overclocking, and realise they can make their computer run a little, or a lot faster. For many, this is just a point of interest, or getting more value for your money, while for others it becomes a hobby or obsession. Years ago, it was quite a rebellious thing to be doing, as the processor makers didn’t want their parts running too fast or too hot. Now, they all provide official apps to make it a safe trick to perform.

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