Yikes! ~ My Hard Drive is Failing

Broken Hard DriveThere are few sounds more horrible to a PC user than the clunk or thud of a hard disk drive failing on your computer. That sound usually means a terminal failure of the drive, rapidly followed by your operating system crashing and the computer failing to boot. But even then, your data could be recoverable. Of course, you’ve got plenty of backups of your vital data, photos and other information, haven’t you!?

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Be Prepared For Disaster!

Lady_PC_DisasterYou know it’s going to happen, and most likely at a crucial time. It’s there lingering at the back of your mind, leaping forward and causing you panic if there’s even a slight delay in your computer powering up. Yes, if you own a PC, it’s more than likely to have already happened to you: the dreaded crash that stops you in your tracks.

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Prepare an old PC for Windows 10

os_photoIn the past, an old computer was often consigned to the scrapheap whenever Microsoft upgraded their operating systems for home or business users. However, Windows 10 should happily work on any machine capable of running Windows 7 or higher. If you’ve got an old or broken machine, it could be worth digging it out to try the new OS. All you need is a working display, storage and Internet connection to test the basics.

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PC Callout – A Family Business – Desktop & Laptop Repair

Computer With ToolsWelcome to our Blog!

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