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How to Transfer Computer Data

Increasingly, modern computers and laptops, especially the class known as Ultrabooks, are becoming thinner and shedding what used to be common peripherals like CD-ROM or DVD drives. Don’t even ask about the long-dead floppy disk. That makes them less useful for reading old sources of data, programs and games that you might want to run on your new PC. However, there are usually a few solutions that we can help with.

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Three Ways To Backup Your Data

“Make sure you back it up!” is not just a mantra for commercial computer users, it’s one that should also be used in home computing. Essential data could be made up of many things you don’t want to lose if your computer unexpectedly crashes. Precious photos of the family, important work documents, copies of letters or even entire websites – these all need to be backed up securely. Here are three suggestions on how to go about it: –

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Keep your PC Cool and Quiet

A constantly whirring fan on your home computer is never attractive. In most desktops or laptops, it is a sign that your computer has got too much dust in the vents or on the fan itself, or that the cooler is starting to come away from your CPU, potentially causing overheating issues.

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Be Prepared For Disaster!

You know it’s going to happen, and most likely at a crucial time. It’s there lingering at the back of your mind, leaping forward and causing you panic if there’s even a slight delay in your computer powering up. Yes, if you own a PC, it’s more than likely to have already happened to you: the dreaded crash that stops you in your tracks.

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How often should you buy a new PC?

Buying a PC or laptop is a big and expensive commitment. Although PCs are generally very hardy and with a little maintenance will serve you well for several years, you do have to upgrade every once in a while, not only because your PC becomes irritatingly slow and sluggish but also to keep up to date with the latest technology. But how often should you really be buying a new PC? First of all, you need to figure out why you think you need to upgrade …

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