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How often should you buy a new PC?

Buying a PC or laptop is a big and expensive commitment. Although PCs are generally very hardy and with a little maintenance will serve you well for several years, you do have to upgrade every once in a while, not only because your PC becomes irritatingly slow and sluggish but also to keep up to date with the latest technology. But how often should you really be buying a new PC? First of all, you need to figure out why you think you need to upgrade …

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Hard Drive Failure Signals

We’ve all suffered that sinking feeling when our hard drive fails and takes hundreds, sometimes thousands, of critical files and precious memories with it. Of course you know you should back up regularly, but who really does? It might be useful to know that your hard drive often gives you clear signals when it’s going to fail, which at least gives you the chance to get your important data backed up before the scourge of home computing strikes.

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What Type of Computer for Gaming?

Many people buy a home computer to do some writing, e-mailing and to browse the Internet. However, you will soon discover a whole world of games to play, either online, to download or in stores. The type of game you want to play will influence what sort of home computer system you need, or you may be able to upgrade your existing model.

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