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What Type of Computer for Gaming?

Many people buy a home computer to do some writing, e-mailing and to browse the Internet. However, you will soon discover a whole world of games to play, either online, to download or in stores. The type of game you want to play will influence what sort of home computer system you need, or you may be able to upgrade your existing model.

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Desktop or Laptop Computer?

When it comes to buying a computer these days, most models on the shelves are stylish and slim laptops. But if you want to do certain kinds of work, such as rendering, video editing, playing games or running a server, then a desktop PC remains preferable. The large power supply of a desktop PC means it can run many more peripherals than a laptop, and the availability of impressive cooling options lets you run far more powerful processors and graphics cards, for incredible performance.

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Custom or Pre-Built Computers?

When it comes to home computing, there is one debate which has been dividing users for years: to build or to buy. It may be that you are firmly on one side or other of the argument. Perhaps you imagine building a PC to be on a par with rocket science. Or perhaps the thought of buying an “off the peg” home computer with potentially mediocre components fills your heart with dread.

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An Introduction to Cloud Computing

Whether you work in an IT-intensive industry or simply take a personal interest in the world of computer technology, you’ve probably heard the term “cloud computing”. However, you may not be sure what this really means. Simply put, cloud computing allows you to store your data on online servers that are independent of the hardware you keep at home or at work. It also allows you to access software through the Internet without installing it on your own computers. But is cloud computing right for you?

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An Introduction to Bluetooth

In any home computing or digital media environment there are probably half a dozen Bluetooth devices, from your laptop to a wireless keyboard or headset, to your smartphone and tablet, to wireless speakers and much more. Bluetooth itself is just a short range radio system, similar to Wi-Fi but without the hub or router, for two or more devices to communicate directly.

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